How Maternity Leave Should Be!

Sometimes parenting can be crap. Cranky toddlers, screaming babies, terrible two's, no sleep etc. The bad days can get you down... and then you have a ripper day and think "Ahhhh... now THIS is how maternity leave should be."

Today we went to a local cafe with a few other mum's and kids. The kids sat nicely and drank their babychino's, ate their food without fuss and then played well together. I know,it was nothing short of a miracle. The sun was shining, we drank coffee, ate lunch and had a lovely conversation. It was actually like something out of a movie (well, untill one of the little ones had a poo explosion and ended up with shit in her socks... but lets ignore that small fact!)

After all of the bad days lately it was just lovely to have a day of peace and fun. This is how maternity leave should be, and this is how i imagined it! Coffee dates and long lunches in the sun. The only think missing was a glass of bubbles but we will have to wait for sometime in February for that.
I'm sure things will go back to being hectic and full of tanty's tomorrow but for today... I'm going to enjoy this.
November 17, 2015 by Chantel Mineo
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