A word about Quality

Alright Spunkies, I want to talk to you about quality.

It's so hard to find a really great product at a reasonable price these days. A huge amount of work goes in behind the scenes here at Spunky Monkeyz HQ looking for only the highest standard product. We trial supplier after supplier until we are SURE that what we are getting is 100% the best quality. Of course, we also need to factor in price because who wants to pay $200 for a childs t-shirt when they are sure to grow out of it?
Well, the good news is we have finally nailed it. We have found some tip-top quality clothing at what we think is a super reasonable price for what you get. The challenge we face now is being an online store, how do we show quality in a photograph? The truth is we can't. So, you just have to trust us. We do the hard yards testing each product so you can just pick what you like and know it will be worth it.

We really love each and every one of our items. They are all hand picked because it is something we would like to buy. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Shopping
March 09, 2016 by Chantel Mineo

We Love "Love Henry"

Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending the Life In Style trade show in Melbourne on behalf of the Spunky Monkeyz team.

It was awesome.

There were so many brands showcasing their gorgeous designs that it was almost overwhelming. From across the room my eye was drawn to a beautifully presented stall. I hustled over to see what was on offer and it was love at first sight.

One thing i find difficult as a parent to a little boy is finding nice clothes that are good quality and a little different. I see so many gorgeous girls clothing and am usually left wondering "what about the boys?". Well, Love Henry absolutely nailed their boys range. Looking through the samples in their stall I was sure that we just had to have them in our Spunky Monkeyz range.

Here is a sneak peak below:

Roy Dungaree Digby Playsuit Archie Cardigan Tee and Oscar Shorts Surfboards Singlet and Alfie Shorts


Told ya it was cute!

I was mighty impressed with the boys range but then i saw the girls. Oh Em Geeeee! Check out a few of my fav's below:

Rose Sofia Playsuit Rose Suspenders Top and Lucy Shorts Rose Miranda Playsuit Rose Lace Collar Top with Frilly Pilcher Skirt and Rose Headband'

The Love Henry designs above plus many more are now available at www.spunkymonkeyz.com.au

Get in quick because these are running out the door!

Chantel @ Spunky Monkeyz 

November 19, 2015 by Chantel Mineo

How Maternity Leave Should Be!

Sometimes parenting can be crap. Cranky toddlers, screaming babies, terrible two's, no sleep etc. The bad days can get you down... and then you have a ripper day and think "Ahhhh... now THIS is how maternity leave should be."

Today we went to a local cafe with a few other mum's and kids. The kids sat nicely and drank their babychino's, ate their food without fuss and then played well together. I know,it was nothing short of a miracle. The sun was shining, we drank coffee, ate lunch and had a lovely conversation. It was actually like something out of a movie (well, untill one of the little ones had a poo explosion and ended up with shit in her socks... but lets ignore that small fact!)

After all of the bad days lately it was just lovely to have a day of peace and fun. This is how maternity leave should be, and this is how i imagined it! Coffee dates and long lunches in the sun. The only think missing was a glass of bubbles but we will have to wait for sometime in February for that.
I'm sure things will go back to being hectic and full of tanty's tomorrow but for today... I'm going to enjoy this.
November 17, 2015 by Chantel Mineo

Welcome to Spunky Monkeyz!

Welcome to our new website!

Rose and Chantel are every excited about the launch of www.spunkymonkeyz.com.au


November 17, 2015 by Chantel Mineo